Agent Referral and Revenue Sharing Program


This program is designed to incentivise existing agents to refer another licensed agent to Grey Square, in return for compensation.


  1. Encourage agents to refer Grey Square to other agents.
  2. Share revenue with agents that successfully refer agents that join.


How much an agent earns depends on how many producing agents you sponsor, how much revenue each agent contributes to Grey Square; whether you unlock tiers. Read below to understand each component in more detail.

How to Earn Revenue Share:

1. Sponsor an Agent:  Sponsor means you build a relationship with a licensed agent, work with them to understand our business model and potential benefits, and are listed on their ICA fee and/or attached fee schedule, as the person who was most influential in their decision to join Grey Square.

a. Sponsoring Agents must be producing to be eligible for Revenue Share.  See below for our producing agent policy.

2. Unlock Tiers:  If you Sponsor 5+ agents, you can unlock additional Tiers, which means you can start to earn income if your Tier 1 agent sponsors another agent.  We will explain this more below.

Sponsor an Agent Directly

Every agent you directly Sponsor will be listed as a Tier 1 agent in your network.  You will earn 3% Revenue Share for every Tier 1 agent. That means you could earn up to $2,250 for every Tier 1 agent, yearly.

●  Why $2,250? Once the agent caps, they stop paying a split to Grey Square. This means there is no revenue available to share.
●  Similar to above, personal deals, transaction fees, and other transactions that don't generate revenue will not produce Revenue Share.
●  Please note: agents on a lower cap plan will stop paying revenue to Grey Square earlier and will therefore no longer provide revenue share after they hit their cap. $2,250 is a maximum, not a guarantee.

Unlock Tiers:

Once you have 5 producing agents in your Tier 1, you are eligible to unlock Tier 2. This means you can start to earn income if your Tier 1 agents sponsor another agent.

Anyone your Tier 1 agent sponsors, will appear as a Tier 2 agent in your Network (your Network is the list of all the agents you have attracted directly or indirectly).

If anyone in your Tier 2 Sponsors an agent, that agent will appear in your Network as Tier 3.  Even if you haven't unlocked the Tier yet, these agents will appear in your Network - you just won't receive the benefit until you unlock the tier.

Now, there are some things to keep in mind:

 You can only unlock Tier 2 if you have 5 producing agents on Tier 1.  Check out the Producing Agent Policy below, if you want to know exactly what you need to qualify.
●  If a member of your Tier 1 becomes non-producing, then Tier 2 will be closed until a producing agent is added to Tier 1 (or producing status is reobtained).

●  Just like Tier 1, you only earn revenue share if there is Revenue to Share. This means when the agent caps (and is no longer paying a split to Grey Square), you will not earn Revenue Share.

You can continue to unlock Tiers up to 3 Tiers.  Just like Tier 2,  you need to have a certain number of agents on your Tier 1 to unlock additional Tiers:

  • You must sponsor at least 5 producing Tier 1 agents to unlock Tier 2
  • You must sponsor at least 15 producing Tier 1 agents to unlock Tier 3 And just like Tier 2, the amount you earn at every Tier changes:
  • Tier 1: 3% 
  • Tier 2: 2%
  • Tier 3: 1%
Revenue Share Example: How Calculations work
Hunter closes a $500,000 deal. He's the buyer agent and earns 3% commission - so $15,000 commission!

Hunter paid a 25% referral on the deal, so after the referral, he's at $11,250.

Of that amount:

20% goes to Grey Square, so $2,250
80% goes to Hunter $9,000

Because of Revenue Share, Grey Square gives 3% of the Gross Commission back to Harper, who sponsored Hunter. So:

3% of the GCI goes to Harper: $337.5 ($11,250 * 3% = $337.50) Grey Square only keeps 17%: $1,912.5 ($11,250 * 17% = $1,912.50)

In this example, Revenue Share is calculated from the net commission available to Hunter. The referral fee was not included in the Revenue Share calculation because it was paid to another agent and Grey Square never collected 20% of that revenue.

What is our producing agent policy?

Agents must be active and close $450 in splits to Grey Square during a 6 month period to be considered producing and eligible to receive Revenue Share.

You are producing if:

●  You are active with Grey Square; and

●  You pay $450 in splits (revenue to Grey Square) in a 6 month (rolling) period.

 We are a production-based company, which means revenue share is only earned on real estate
transactions that generate revenue to Grey Square.

  • Must be transaction based.
  • Personal deal fees do not count.
  • Brokerage Fees do not count.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

Grace Period:

To make things easier for agents who just joined, agents are eligible to receive revenue share for the first six months - without meeting the Producing Agent policy

This means:

    • You can attract agents to Real and start earning right away;
    • You have six months to build your production business and meet the Producing Agent Policy requirements.

The grace period is granted only once, and once it ends, agents must contribute enough revenue to be considered producing.

Annual Cap:

Once an agent reaches their annual cap, the agent is considered producing until their next Anniversary, regardless of how much they've made in the last 6 months.

However, if a capped agent has not paid the $450 in splits (revenue to Grey Square) within 6 months, they will roll into a non-producing status on their Anniversary date.

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